Friday, January 13, 2012

Groupon UK: Doh!

Meh new hair do'

I love Groupon! Who doesn't? I bought my first UK Groupon for a haircut last October and it has taken until last week for me to get in gear and use it.
First things first: when using a Groupon you must present it at the time of use. Well, that was my first mistake. We don't have a printer at home, so I went to the library to print out my Groupon along with a bunch of other documents. About a quarter of the way into my walk to the Salon I had a "DOH" moment; I printed out everything BUT the Groupon! How am I going to get a free haircut!? I can't pay for it! Paying full price for most things makes me want to cringe. I figured I could ask the Salon to use their computer to pull up the Groupon. Problem solved!
 "Oh no, we don't have internet", says the bottle blond behind the desk. Ok...what to do. I was early for my appointment anyway, so I thought I'd walk around the neighborhood to find an internet cafe- no such luck. There were a ton of letting agencies on the same street, so i channeled all my Amazing Race confidence, took a deep breath and walked inside what I thought was the most promising of the agencies. "Hi, I have a strange request, can I use your computer to print out my Groupon"?  "Sorry, but our internet is actually down at the moment", says the guy beside me. Shoot! The young girl behind the desk spoke up, "I think my computer is working, come and try it". Awsome! I was able to get my print out and was still on time for my appointment. I kid you not when I say that I was thinking, "what would I do if I was on the Amazing Race?" I know that some people don't even think twice about just asking for something, but not me. I'm shy. I didn't even like going into a new Sunday school class with my older brother when visiting my grandparent's church. My brother and I were shy enough that my dad would have to walk Chad and I into the class.
From now on I will channel my Amazing Race spirit when I need to be ballsy.