Friday, September 23, 2011

Another year, another city

Since our almost 4 years of marriage (wow, really!) we have lived in numerous cities and countries.
Year 1, 2008-2009
Hyattsville, Maryland

Year 2, 2009-2010
Brookland, Washington, DC

Year 3. 2010-2011
Hsinchu, Taiwan

Year 4, 2011-2012
Armley, Leeds, England

...and year 5 is to be determined since we only plan to be in England for the duration of Steve's studies-- about 1 year or so.

This has been an exciting year so far and an experience I'll never forget. I've learned and am learning so much...but more on that later. I've just been thinking of where we've been since I'll be celebrating another birthday, in another country, in another city. Here's to 28. Be good to me.

"He's got a dirty nappy!"

This is the beginning of a story where I wish Dexter was not my dog. He was a complete embarrassment. This video is right before we left to go outside.


Dexter and I were hanging out in the living room, me surfing the Internet, faithful pup standing at the window watching all the activity on the street below. He was getting really excited and wanted to go outside (it was about time for a "pee run" anyway). Off we go down the two flights of stairs to the little green patch of grass beside the parking lot. A little boy (7 y/o?) and some other children were hanging out the window playing around and they soon started shouting to Dexter and asking me questions. Dexter does his thing while the little boy steps out the door. He calls to Dexter and Dex immediately changes direction and runs full speed towards the boy who's holding some white mystery ball in his hand. I start to walk over to try to keep this kid from being knocked over, but Dexter is all over the boy and jumps and snatches the white balled-up mystery from his hand. "He's got a dirty nappy!", runny-nose boy says. Oh. No....No! No! No! Nooooooo! Little boy, "I'll catch him!". Right. Good luck with that, kid. They run in circles for a bit till all the humans are fed up and walk away. "Hey! Wait! Don't forget me guys!" Dexter wants to come with us and drops the dirty nappy. Ewe. All the kids are leaving and I am the one left to pick up all the mess, luckily I had a bag for doo-doo...just didn't think it'd be baby doo.  Disgusting Dexter.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Le sigh

** this is an ancient post that's been sitting in the drafts folder since about June- eep! Thought I'd post it and then follow with more recent happenings, since life has changed dramatically since June. I don't think it's much of a stretch to say that I am a terrible blogger. Not only do I not have sponsers like all the cool blogs, I don't even post once a month! Sorry, I suck. Let's get you updated on Taiwan life, shall we.Back in Feburary I was longing for the warmth of summer, and man is it here! It's hot, hot, hot and I feel like I live in a layer of slick sweat. Poor Dexter is just plain miserable most of the time, but he is still his silly, happy self. What has been a saving grace so far is the pool in the basement of our apt. building. I wish I could take Dexter to the pool and just throw him in, but Steve doesn't think we should sneak him down. I mean, why not! Dogs in Taiwan go everywhere: the grocery store, restaurants, 7-11, and the movie theater (no, I'm not kidding)!
Last Monday was the beginning of Wimbledon and that makes me pretty happy. I love tennis, and although I play terribly I love to watch it. Of course I'm rooting for the Williams' sister and am hoping the Andy Roddick will keep it together. I'm over Federer, he's great and all, but let someone new into the final.
What else...Work is still the same. I get through the days and the weeks go pretty fast. Not much happening on that front. I hope to be around more on this blog. I want to remember our time here in Taiwan.

**yes, the picture is sideways, guess people don't need to edit things on iPads. Enjoy Dexter contemplating life--sideways.