Friday, September 23, 2011

Another year, another city

Since our almost 4 years of marriage (wow, really!) we have lived in numerous cities and countries.
Year 1, 2008-2009
Hyattsville, Maryland

Year 2, 2009-2010
Brookland, Washington, DC

Year 3. 2010-2011
Hsinchu, Taiwan

Year 4, 2011-2012
Armley, Leeds, England

...and year 5 is to be determined since we only plan to be in England for the duration of Steve's studies-- about 1 year or so.

This has been an exciting year so far and an experience I'll never forget. I've learned and am learning so much...but more on that later. I've just been thinking of where we've been since I'll be celebrating another birthday, in another country, in another city. Here's to 28. Be good to me.

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