Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pour One Out For One's (Troll) Homies

Tomorrow marks the beginning of my stint as a "professional student", and I must say, its a bit surreal. Being in a foreign country not-withstanding, the idea that I would get a Master's degree one day is still a bit hard to believe. It is really a testament to how much the Lord has changed my heart and focused my energy, and a tribute to how much my beautiful wife has sacrificed for us and how much she has loved and encouraged me. So, now begins long days of commuting, learning Chinese, writing papers, eating sporadically, early morning workouts (blarg), and reading, reading, and more reading.

There is a lot of belt tightening, rice eating and penny pinching going on these days. We only get paid once a month, and that has thrown a wrench into everything. Things will be a little rough for a month or two. While we are confident in God's ability to provide for us, it's hard not to get a bit frustrated and/or depressed and/or stressed out. We ask for your prayers for our provision in getting through these next two months. We also have the puppy's ticket to save up! I miss that guy a lot though, and it will be awesome to have him here. I have to teach him to ride on the scooter. All the dogs do it here. At least all the cool ones. And Dex is definitely part of the cool crowd.

Today was an awesome day. The day started off sort of disappointingly, with a visit to our first church here in Hsinchu. It was not a good fit, to say the least. There are very few English speaking reformed churches here, so to have the first one be a less-than-stellar experience was really disheartening. We are going to keep searching, and hopefully we can find something. After church we took a loooooooong scooter ride into the mountains with a few the pouring rain. Its been raining off and on for the last couple weeks, and it seems every time we plan a trip into the mountains, the skies open up. Well, today we decided, rain be damned, and we slipped on our hideous rain gear and headed up. With my driving skills still in the novice stage, driving up huge winding roads with Leah on the back in the rain pouring down proved to be a little difficult. The scenery was gorgeous! We stopped to grab food at a Hakka street market (awesome corn!) and then visited a small Buddhist shrine with a fabulous view.

Enjoy some pics!

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Lick shots for Big Pop and Pac.