Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moving Forward, Settling In, Missing Home

At the moment I am in my big, empty, apartment, alone, listening to Sufjan Stevens and laying on my sheetless bed with only a travel pillow to keep me company. As much as the people here have been super amazing, I find coming home to my own place for the 2nd night a bit lonely. Its at times like this that I really understand what it means to be bonded to someone; I miss my wife tremondously right now. Please pray for her as she is working so very hard to sell our belongings and finish paper work, as well as work extra hours on top of her normal job.

In less self loathing news, things have really started to pick up. I moved into our new place on Saturday, bought a scooter, and have now begun to get the hang of driving in crazy Taiwan traffic; although by all accounts I am still very much a beginner. Driving is a lot of fun, though.

Here is a pretty accurate example of driving a scooter in Taiwan.

I will post pics of our place soon. Its pretty sweet. And Odd.

Good day today: had some wood fired Taiwanese pizza, and it was delicious. Went out to a pretty decent music festival, had some cheap beer, heard some local jazz/funk/hiphop/aborginal dance music. Went to the Night Market. Good stuff. Lots of cheap food, trinkets, games, carnival kind of stuff, and loads of tiny little turtles for sale. I need them. All of them. Leah will be sure to like the plethera of bracelets and necklaces for 100NT ($3). I can only describe this jewelery as very 'Leah-esque".

I am still in search of an English speaking church here. I would appreciate your prayers. The Lord has never ceased to provide for us, and I know He will not abandon us here. That said, I have to find a place where I can understand His word, lol. I may have some leads, so hopefully they turn out.

There have been a lot of times here where I have felt my feet are floating above the ground, or my brain is swirling around inside of my head. I owe very much already to the generosity and compassion of the people I have met here so far.

Well, the power is running out on the computer, and I am standing out on our weird porch/greenhouse thing stealing WiFi, so it's time for this boy to head to bed.

Maybe I'm strong as stone, Even though the bird has flown
(I heart you Allison Krause)

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