Friday, August 13, 2010

We're Moving to Taiwan!

Things have taken quite a turn. First, we thought we were off to law school. Then we thought we'd just stay in DC; now we're headed to Taiwan!
Steve is going to grad school to study "International Affairs", I'll study Mandarin full time. He arrived in Taiwan this evening in DC time, but 6 in the morning Taiwan time. The time change is 12 hours.
I'm still in DC taking care of things till I leave September 1st. And boy did that cute hubbers of mine leave a loooong list! I'm slowly crossing it off little by little. Needless to say, the apt is a wreck. I like to call it "organizing". Can't get clean till ya get a little dirty, eh.

This picture was taken on his last day in DC. Dexter has been a bit clingy since Steven left. Let's hope it calms down. He's almost 50 pounds and really thinks he can sit in my lap. uh, no.


Leah said...

I'd like to add, that as i finished this post, Dexter ate one of my compact flash cards. He's in the kennal with dim hopes of ever getting out.

Lisa said...

Oh no (about the compact flash card)! Not good. You tell Dexter that he can come upstairs and sit on Conor's lap anytime he wants to :)